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Tori Amos

Tuna, rubber
A little blubber in my igloo, yes
And I knew you, pigtails and all
Girls when they fall
And they said Marianne killed herself
And I said: Not a chance
Not a chance

Don't you love the girls, ladies, babes
Old bags who say she was so pretty?
Why, why, why, why did she crawl down
In the old deep ravine?

Come on, pigtails girls and all those sailors
Get your bags and hold down
Won't you just hold down?
Hold down
'Cause Ed is watching my every sound, I said
They're watching my every sound

The weasel squeaks faster than a seven day week
I said Timmy and that purple Monkey
Are all down at Bobby's house
Making themselves pesters and lesters and jesters
And my traitors of kind

And I'm just having thoughts, I said
I'm just having thoughts of
Having thoughts, having

She could outrun the fastest slug
She could

I'm just having thoughts of Marianne
Quickest girl in the frying pan
I'm just having thoughts of Marianne

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