Verse One:
Meet me in the hotel lobby,
I heard you're looking for a freak.
Me and you kissin' in the elevators,
Come to room three-forty-three.
I'm in bed with my neglig
Waiting for you to come in.
And you're the kind of guy that makes,
Everything feel good, sing.

I can't help it, it's the freak in me,
It gets me hot and so nasty.
Makes me wanna take my clothes off,
I've got sex to last all night long.

Verse Two:
I heard you had a girlfriend,
Tell her you'll be late.
And if she gets an attitude,
Then tell her she can come participate.
For all I care now,
There's enough for you to go around.
And if she don't wanna share, baby,
Then tell her I'm getting mine now.

Repeat Chorus

Bet she can't hang with the bad girls,
'Cause when she's down she stays down
It's all over
(Repeat x3)
Bet she can't hang with the bad girls.

Repeat Chorus

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Written by: Mario Winans / Missy Elliott / Sean Puffy Combs. Isn't this right? Let us know.