A selfish man by God was
Sent to the great Ninevah
Preaching to repent
To be destroyed in 40 days if not
Turning from their wicked ways
A false by all displayed
Compassionate God, His wrath delayed
The years have passed

The time has come for God's wrath and will to be done
Do not follow Ninevah, Ninevah is devastated
The walls emaciated, the streets forever
Lost her idols finally crushed
Woe to the bloody city full of hate and lies
Bowing to Nisrock before God's eyes
Horsemen charging, swords are flashing
A mass of corpses of countless dead bodies
I am against you declares the Lord of hosts

Showing your nakedness and shatting evil
Hopes throwing filth on you to make you vile
You'll be a spectacle, straight up be reviled
We stumble over the dead bodies
Who will grieve for you, who will grieve for me?
Destruction of Ninevah will help us see
True repentance, being vital and the
Destruction of all of our idols

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