I am dead
I am crucified with Christ
Not only in my dead, I die to self with His strength
You hear te words I said
I sacrifice myself, His peace is how I am fed
You hate my standard and wish to fill me full of lead
I am dead in Him
I hate my flesh, because of it my body dies
Amazing grace flows freely and opens up my eyes
I hate the devil, to me head´s lied so many times
I love my God because if Him, my soul will rise
Life is a joke, I fell kinda like a spoke
In a wheel one of many which is taken for granted
This society has demanded the ignorance of conformity
They reject my attempts at individuality
Not only does society demand conformity
But my gender demand just so extraordinary
While my God demand change within the dark recesses
Of my soul, yet this lust whitin me leave an empty dark hated hole
I hate my flesh

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