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Tuatha de Danann

Tuatha De Danann

The bringers of the sun- they who came from the sky
Tuatha de Danann is their names
an magical people who came to stay
with them they brings four mighty treasures
wonderful faeries came with them

Indescrible is their beauty
A light arise in the sky- the faery people shine
They lead by nuada's hand- the great king of this lands
They all fought in Moytura against the formors of ballor
So a young boy called Lugh defy him to a single fight

The formor giant ballor was slainned by Lugh his grandson
His eyes flew up into heavens so it became the sun

Dágda lord of wisdom- guide our souls to wisdom
Drown us in your magic cauldron- bless our journey

So the milesians came to take the faeryland
So what they can do now? Will be the end of them?
So they went to tir nan og the beautifulland of youthness
Led by Dagda they all gone the lord of reason took them all

All of them still alive live in the land of the free
This land call tir nan og a place beyond our dreams

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