Photo of the artist Twenty 4 Seven

I Can't Stand It (No More)

Twenty 4 Seven

Surprise, it's me
Yeah Hollywood the down M.C.
I'm up on the mic doing what you like
Just rocking to the beat till the early light
Sit back, whack, jam and relax
An watch the master rock form front to back
Let me tell you one thing I don't like my friend
Discrimination I can't stand

I can't stand it no more, no, no, no

Well at the age of nine I started to rhyme
At the age of ten I was rocking again
As I grew up and as I got older
I start to move my hips and then my shoulders
Now I'm rocking all over the nation
And that is my new occupation
I tried to get a job but it didn't manage
Yo and I can't stand it

I can't stand it no more, no, no, no
Get funky

But I'm back not whack but jam and attack
I keep the people rocking from front to back
Hollywood on the mic I got ladies uptight
Homeboys in the house, yo
They might just start up some
An make everything legit
For anybody in the house who don't like it
Word I'm on the go
Bust a rhyme and let it flow
keeps you moving to the beat
Start the show

I can't stand it no more, no, no, no

I'm black and I'm proud
Excuse me yeah if I get loud
Party people in the place let's turn it out
So get on the floor without a doubt
They put me down
Gave no slack but that's allright
because I'll be back
They try to hold me back form making the fame
Destroy my crew and to kill my name
But they made a mistake when they opened the cage
And now Hollyowwd is on the front page
I shock the house from town to town
'cause everybody want's to see the Wood throw down
But you wan't believe what your eyes saw
Every move I make is down a silky skin
When I'm rapping to the ladies I have to win

I can't stand it no more, no, no, no

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