Wendy knows a band, knows them from a friend, whose friend
is in that band. No matter where they go, never skips a
show, never comes too late. Her eyes are focused on the
moves he makes. He looks deep in her eyes. Not aware of that move he made. He continues playing. Now she knows he
loves her. The next day Wendy goes to the drugstore. Guess who's standing there in front of the desk with cigarettes. The nice drummer with his pretty eyes. Why doesn't he say a word. When do those people realize, we cannot see through their eyes. Wendy know's we're going crazy. Stop telling all these lies. Only my body knows I'm going crazy. Hopelessly lost she walks through the park. This so-called nice and friendly guy left a mark on this unspoiled but broken heart. What a shame. Simpleminded broken heart. Who's to blame. No one but herself! The truth except for us no one will ever know.

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