I, a prince related to sir Lancelot. I kill dragons and I wank a lot. Conquer the bravest knight the way I fight. And when the sun sets I sing songs about the risky life I live. Journeys and long crusades. Every morning when I wake up, I know that danger waits. My mission is to feed the poor.
Many tears and broken hearts of girls I left behind. I was
searching for a princess, the smart and friendly kind. I
travelled many miles around the world and home again. I couldn't find a heroic princess. Who could reign the country by my side. Who could liev with my brave behaviour. So I lived a long but lonely life. I became a king, saved many lives. I don't get it why must this happen to me, this is too sad for words. All my heroic deeds got lost in time, history forgot about me

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