I finished my drink and stepped outside, outside it was cold. I was walking alone through the streets, the streets were empty. He was staring at me from a corner of the street. Yes I was drunk, but he was totally wasted. An
empty bottle in his hand. I slowly stepped forward. Then he reached out his other hand, the one that was empty. He
begged me for small change. I gave him everything he had.
You could see that he was under the spell of sadness. Then he said. Why can't I be like you? You're young and you're
practically untouchable. So kind to help me through this rather difficult time. I invited him to come and sleep at my place. So he could eat and wash the dirt from his face. Hardly recognizable this different person looked at me. He was holding a picture of a family and then he said. Why can't I be with them, I want to be with them forever and ever. I love them more than anybody could ever love someone. A fatal accident stopped my once allmost perfect life. Now I'm a useless wreck waiting for salvation. I wish they wer ehere. I wish I was there.

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