Don´t lie to me

I give you you all my life
Give you all my pride
Give you all my smiles
And you screw up everything
When lie to me
You become part of me
But you screw up everyhting
Lying to me
Take all your things and
Get out of me
If you want back in me
Be yourself
And stop lie to me

Don´t lie to me
´Cause I liked you
Don´t lie to me
´Cause I still need you
Don´t lie to me
Or leave me ( 2x )

For all the time I past with you
I deserve a better thing fom you
Why you lie to me ?
When all that I want is stay with you
If you want stay too
Tell the thuth
I don´t know if I can trust you
Can I trust in you ?
You will stop to use me ?
If you don´t, just leave me
Leave talk with my own


If you don´t stop
To use me, just leave me
Just leave me alone
To talk with my own ( 4x )

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Written by: Scott Simmons / Stanley Specktro Syfield. Isn't this right? Let us know.