Photo of the artist Valiance

The Less Beaten Path


Burnin' card, is hard to play
What happens after upset, and make everything bitter
Reason seems so far, barred is the door
Clench your fist, in a thick darkness

While feelin' that your soul doesn't root into lie (into lie)

Our freedom has golden wings, and make us sacrilegious
Two paths I found through the wood
And I chose the less beaten one

Choose the damned path, you'll be damned too
Banished by temporal power
Cutting your wings, annihilating your soul
Choose the damned path, and you'll be damned too

Watchin' an ancient dawn a man saw his truth
And showed it to a world which had eyes into lie
He was called liar, and his spirit was stoned
Hurt but still alive his spirit survives

That spirit survived throughout ages (and now live in us)

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