Photo of the artist Valiance

Vicitim of My Pride


That's the way I'll follow

After losing future, I've got to walk through darkness
Embers of dying passion in my hands
Phoenix rising out of ashes, I'll rejoin the flames
Fearless to burn my wings once again

Words can wound me, like nothing ever did
Rage whirling like a vortex, lead me down to the abyss
I tried to make my spirit wake up from this
Sleepless nightmare, engaging a duel to hypocrisy

How can i react now?
in this tearing loop
The will to create it's far from here
You want destroy

Angel, won't you try
To hide this sorrow? Cannot hide this sorrow
Under tons of words and lies,
I'm the victim of my pride

Am I an angel, or just am I a fool?
Riding an endless journey along the ways of doom
I can feel my heart cry
The echoes, the stabs
You can mend broken mirrors
But the brake will never fade

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