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Preacher Man

Value Pac

That's what i'm talking about,
That's what it's all about,
Everybody's talking how
They don't want him around.
One day he wasn't there,
Nobody seemed to care,
Went about my business
Even though i felt scared.

I didn't like it,
I didn't buy it,
I did all i could to try to justify it,
I didn't want it,
I didn't need it,
I had an ego and you know i had to feed it.

Oh no not again,
This preacher man he comes with a bible in his hand,
Oh no not again
I said - go away preacher man.

Put me up for the night,
Said he'd show me the light,
Got so upset i never said goodbye,
Went back onto the street,
Where we would always meet.
My life was over then he helped me to my feet.

One day he wasn't there,
Nobody seemed to care,
Everybody laughed out loud,
But i just sat and cried,
I couldn't live a lie,
I could not run and hide,
I remember when he said,
Someday you'll see the light.

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