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Inch High

Value Pac

I'm torn inside i don't know why,
This feeling comes and goes sometimes
Make it go away i want to hide.
My comfort zone envelopes me
Chews me up then spits me out
Make it go away what can i say.

Will you remember me when i'm gone and left here to die?
Have i changed a thing?
Have i made a difference in your life?

I don't know why it seems like everyone's forsaking me
I'm not around, but i'm right here next to you
I'll give you a piece of my mind but never will i ever find
A piece of yours too what can i do?

I'm around but i'm never found you're never looking for me.
Do you care if i'm ever there? do you see you're killing me?

My negligence is too much to bear
Constant negativity got the best of me now i've left scared
I'm holding on but not for long
I'm left here just to sing a song and soon i'll be gone.

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