We Chopped by Swords


We chopped by swords!
To making the bloody feast for wolfs
Blades played the steal song
In foreigns helmets
And the wolfs had full of meat
And a raven called the raven

We chopped by swords!
We wielded the spears high
Warriors fell often
Death collected the bloody harvest
The black raven flew
In the feast again

We chopped by swords!
Valkyries worshipped us
When we send for Odin
Valiants warrior
Our wispy arrows
Sang a mournful song
And they played blades song in the discs
We chopped by swords!
I don't suppose that I died so quickly
I don't carre about meaning
Anybody can't redeem your fate
Your destiny can't let you, oh! How
Sweet are your horns with honey
In divineValhalla's of Odin!

We chopped by swords!
Valiant don't afraid a cold of death
So I don't fear all
I part gladly with you
And serve to a divine feast
My life passed away, so I smile and die
Hail Odin!

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