My Bloodthirst (The Horrorstorm)


I don't regret anything the bridges of life,
Feeling the earth's cold on my face. I come to you,
Oh, wonderful death!

Rending the sight,
Hiding the thought
I don't feel her anymore, because life is too wreak...
I didn't expect it!
I feel as the storm is coming
The holy war is near
Total chaos.
Living in the dream, where everything is possible
I prepare the arym of nothingness
We can't wait so long.
We will raise our pride heads
And we will strike suddenly!

We will jump to your throats
We will enslave your children
We will humiliate your woman.

The storm is coming there is no time
Feeling the smell of combustion
You open the doors to unholy life

Forever, for millions of sacrifices
You'll rot from inside
Forever. I'll remember it,
because you will screamin delightful pain
... Forever!

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