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Redemption Through Pain

Venin Noir

[I - Morning has died]

I relied upon you
As the sun trusts night to the moon
Morning has died, it will have me dead too soon
Death comes always too soon
But it might bring some peace along
Never to the living ones

[II - Cringing in this heaven]

And somehow this redemption
Sounds like a doubtful player
And yet this pain that sprouts
Frees me from this war to declare
Redemption through pain
Stop trying to make me crawl
Blood being spilled
Where pictures of you sprawl
Some scars can never be removed

Senseless dreamer I've been
As any other fool would have
Vain destruction, I name your masterpiece after you
In my ruins, unable to feel a single hope
Fed up with blurring truths

I know, know that I was nothing
Consumed by your will
But I will, I'll turn you into nothing
Cause cringing in this heaven
Makes us feel so heathen and yet released

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