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Waiting On Your Fall

Venin Noir

Almost catching the spirit again
Recovering my deeds done in vain
All the tears that I have shed
When my ways were all misled
Have shown me the other face of fate
Have taught me the real meaning of hate
Colliding truth and dreams - reality is worse than it seems

Searching, never finding the touch of God on my face
The moment I died is written on the wall:
a picture of me waiting on your fall

Almost reaching the silence again
It keeps surrounding me until I surrender
Thoughts bringing kindness and anger
Both life and death embrace me together
Shall I decide the side I'm in forever?
Always at war with my conscience
breathing the losses of existence

Building reasons to believe the lie
Words smell like past - shall I speak my last
forging limits to my private sky
could not be that fast - afterlife's one more test

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