clothes are scattered on the floor.
looks like emotions won the war this time.
sanity's going.
memory's gone.
i've lost everything i never had from the start.
it was just one mistake but it keeps recurring.
dreams turn to nightmares because i can't sleep.
i can see the sounds of the colors in my head.
but i still can't see where i'm going.
get quick and slide between the page so swift through you.
let thick the way you count yourself in numbers of the moon.
set fast complete the magic ship to sail so true.
lift not the thoughts of consequence that holds you down.
you're so clever.
there is a girl that makes me sick of everything.
and everyone that makes me sick of you.
and i cannot feel my own voice with my chest caved in.
collapsed on our shared lung.
i still don't know where i'm going.
no one sees me now.
everything fits in my head.
we've watched you try.
you took my head off.
carry on with me.
arms bending out to see your silver side.
nderneath your feet.
and i will stay right there.
watching as you go away.
you're just a clover.
i mean so clever.

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