this time we bit off more than we bargained for this time.
this time we undertook more than we can handle.
this time i thought would be different than anything before.
this time i looked with fire in my eyes.
but it didn't work.
didn't even get burned.
but still you ask me where all of my passion went.
still you had the nerve.
you mean much more than i ever let on...
i'm sorry about those words.
you're packing it up and moving away....
i'm sorry about the burns.
so aghast that i can't breathe...
trapped in a world of intricacies.
perfectly wrong one hundred percent...
streamline everything but your placement.
your sunlight casts the best shadows.
like jogging in the rain.
ask me if this sounds conceited.
but have you ever tasted pain.
i can't love you in september.
you can't look me in the eye.
put in wrong information.
wake up and watch it crash down.
at least we tried.
next time it will be better than the time before.
next time will i be repsonsible.
next time remind me to harness the fire.
so next time maybe i'll see in the dark.

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