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This Is The LIfe

"Weird Al" Yankovic

I eat filet mignon seven times a day.
My bathtub's filled with Perrier.
What can I say?
This is the life!

I buy a dozen cars when I'm in the mood.
I hire somebody to chew my food.
I'm an upwardly mobile dude.
This is the life!

They say that money corrupts you,
But I can't really tell.
I got the whole world at my feet,
And I think it's pretty swell.

I got women lined up outside my door.
They've been waitin' there since the week before.
Who could ask for more?
This is the life!

You're dead for a real long time.
You just can't prevent it.
So if money can't buy happiness,
I guess I'll have to rent it.

Yeah, every day I make the front page news.
No time to pay my dues.
I got a million pairs of shoes.
This is the life!

I got a solid gold Cadillac.
I make a fortune while I sleep.
You can tell I'm a living legend,
Not some ordinary creep.

No way, I'm the boss. The Big Cheese.
Yeah, I got this town on its knobby little knees.
I can do just what I please.
This is the life!

That's right, I'm the king. Number One.
I buy monogrammed Kleenex by the ton.
I pay the bills, I call the shots,
I grease the palms, I buy the yachts.

One thing I can guarantee.
The best things in life, they sure ain't free.
It's such a thrill just to be me.
This is the life!
This is the life!

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