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You'll Never Stand Alone

Whitney Houston

Verse 1:
If there's a time when the tears should fill your eyes
and you can't see past the shadows
to the sun on the other side
don't despair, because there always will be someone there
don't lose faith, love won't let you lose your way
Because you, you'll never stand alone
I'll be standing by
I'll keep you from the cold
I'll hold you when you cry
I'll be there to be strong
When you can't find the strength inside
And you, you'll always have a home
In these arms of mine
You'll never stand alone
Love is standing by

Verse 2:
If there's a day when rain should find your heart
And you're cold and tired and lonely
And this world has you in the dark
Don't be scared, you can just reach for me and I'll be there
Don't lose hope, love will see you through you know
Standing by to lift you above all the hurt and pain
Stnding by to carry you through all the tears and rain
Reach for me, (I'll be with you)
See, I'll be the one to hold you
The one to show you that
(Repeat to fade)

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