[Doctor Dillamond]
Oh, Miss Elphaba - the things one hears these days
Dreadful things
I've heard of an oxa professor from quox
No longer permitted to teach
Who has lost all powers of speech
And an owl in munchkin rock
A vicar with a thriving flock
Forbidden to preach
Now he can only screech!
Only rumors - but still
Enough to give pause
To anyone with paws
Something bad is happening in oz

Something bad? Happening in oz?

Under the surface
Behind the scenes
Something baaad
Sorry: Bad

Doctor Dillamond - if something bad is happening
To the animals, someone's got to tell the wizard
That's why we have a wizard
So nothing bad

I hope you're right

Nothing all that bad

Nothing truly baaad
Sorry: bad

It couldn't happen here
In oz

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