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Down Inside Yourself

David Wilcox

Somewhere deep in the midwest
There's a middle aged man in a midsize car
Driving down the middle of the road
In the middle of the night
He's in the middle of his mid-life crisis
And he just decides that he can't go home

So he turns the car around and he drives to the airport
He flies to New York City where he makes connections for London
Where he makes connections for India
Where he gets on a train to go to the mountain
To see the wise man
You know the one
The one with the answer for that hole in his heart

Well anyway, he climbs the mountain
And he sees the wise man come out of the village to greet him
He's no dummy, he knows he was coming
And he musters up all his fear and anguish
And he says

Help me shake this nightmare
The funk has found my heart
I need to move my spirit
But I don't know where to start
I need to fill this empty
But I can't find the missing part
I'm just down inside myself

And the wise man says, "ah,
I used to think the blues were strong because they're true
And when they come to get you, there's nothing you can do
But now I think that's nonsense and I've got news for you
You're just down inside yourself

There's times when you've been hopeful
And times when you were strong
Now you say that's foolish
Like your happiness was wrong
It's like you've never seen the sunshine
When a gray sky comes along
You're just down inside yourself"

And the middle-aged man, he'd heard some, you know
But he had some questions
And he was just about to speak
When he was interrupted again

"Well never mind the questions now
You don't have to be so wise
Hey, your problem ain't philosophy
So get it down to size
Right now it's phisiological
In a logical disguise
You're just down inside yourself

But the blues is not your final judgement
It's no deep or evil power
Hey the cure is very simple
And it works in half an hour
Get some sleep, eat some broccoli
Run a mile, take a shower
You're just down inside yourself
You're just down inside yourself"

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