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No More

Will Smith

womens voice:
hey this is me, i'm not in right now, but if u leave your name
and your number, i'll just might think about calling u back.
have a pleasent day.

Pick up the phone girl, i know that u home
please don't leave me all alone with the sound of this tone.
come on pick up, pick up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up
i know i don't deserve it cuz of how i messed up
but alright cool, sit and listen
i'm missing your kiss and now a tear drop glisenses
i had a bit to drink, kinda threw me
things just happened, she didn't mean nuttin to me
you know me baby, i'm still that same man
that asked for your hand, and still the same plan

another brother falls by the wayside
another brother falls by the play side

i knew ever since i was a kid
that i was going to pay the piper for the things i did
but now theres no more us, no more we
no more nuttin' girl damn and its all cuz of me

no more late nights watching tv.
no more talks on the phone till three
no more playing in the leaves in the fall
no more piggy back rides in the mall
no more ice cream cones to share
no more sittin just playin in your hair
no more picnics out by the sea
there ain't no more nuttin' and its all cuz of me

damn, some brothers yeah we huff and we puff
cuz when we're hurtin' inside, we gots to front like we tuff.
but thats dangerous, to cover hurt with hard
because you still get scared through that fieble fasod
then the bonds of your ego, when the shackles of manhood
makes you lose something thats damn good
a picture in my mind of us hand and hand walking
so alive, now i'm a dead man talking
why can't u just pick it up so we can sit and just talk
why can't i meet u somewhere so we can go take a walk
i can't hide, air, land, or sea. cuz everytme i turn around,there i be
when i was with u i felt free, now i'm in a cage called me
now i see, no more us, no more we
no more nuttin girl damn, and its all cuz of me

***CHorus*** (twice)

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