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Everything I Need

World Wide Message Tribe

Where would I be without you What would I
do I'll live in fear no longer Now I have you

I no longer feel like I'm alone His mighty
hand leading me to my rightful home 'Cos I
believe I'm a part of his masterplan He
keeps encouraging me to be a new man

Everything I need You give it to me

And when my life is over Where will I go My
love for you grows stronger Now that I know

Say 'S' for the saviour that took a stand
Say 'O' for the one that can heal this land
Say 'N' for the new generation that can Yes
he's the son of God and he's the son of man

He's loving me, holding me, listening and
moulding me Heaven is calling me into his
holy hand I've seen the sun that's rising
to finish this greed 'Cos you are everything
in my life that I need

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Written by: Cameron Dante / Mark Pennells / Zarc Porter. Isn't this right? Let us know.