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Heatseeker (Live Lyrics)

World Wide Message Tribe

There is a God 2000 years ago he left heaven and came to earth
He was called Jesus Christ,
He was born in poverty in a place called Bethlehem
He grew up in a place called Nazareth
little more than a bunch of caves
He never did any of the things usually associated withgreatness
but for 2000 years he has been setting people on fire
I wanna be a Heatseeker

Do You Wanna Be A Street Preacher?
Are You Gonna be a Heatseeker?

This Jesus didn't only claim to be God
He proved he was God
He proved it by speaking the most amazing words any man has everspoken
He proved it by performing the most extraordinary miracles
He really did put his hands on blind eyes and they could see,
on deaf ears and they could hear
He really did speak to a dead man and the dead man came back tolife
But most importantly he really did die
on a cross and after 3 days rise from the dead and
conquer sin and death once and for all
He walked around for 6 weeks and then went back to heaven and
left behind his Holy Spirit and said,
"Go - go into all the world and preach the good news"
I wanna be a Street Preacher

I'm overflowing with a passion like fire,
Not Moving back but moving for the Messiah I'm gonna be,
I'm gonna be,
like a warrior preacher,
Put on the armour like a true Heatseeker,
Put on the peace it's good news
So we can win the battle and we can't lose
You see me fighting in power
getting louder
Speaking life to the crowd
Oh mighty God make me a preacher
A Heatseeker - A Heatseeker.

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