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You can't always look for love as the one and only.
There is something in between
When I'm dropped dead lonely.
No, you shouldn't blame me for this, girl believe me
I'm so true. 'cos tonight I'm here for you.

Well, you jumped straight into my life
Like a rolling thunder, just to tell me, we don't live twice
And that makes me wonder how we two could take it all by storm
I'm ready and here for you.
Can't you see what I want you to...

Get sexual
I wanna get sexual.
I just wanna get sexual get sexual.

So, you're standing in front of me with a smile so thrilling.
You're the sweetest girl I've seen.
And I'll show my willing.
Now, that I have told you how I feel.
There's nothing else to do it's so clear what I want you to...


No, I will not promise you the world.
But oh, I'll give another thing to you, and I'm sure you will
like it, too.

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