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Your kiss is all that am living for and this is just the way to
prove it
'Cos I miss your lips next to mine.
Your tears...
I kiss them all away and through the years
I'll listen to your mind and all your fears will disappear baby
I'm near and you know I need you now.

Whatever they say whatever they tell me about
You're my number one.
Whatever you did to me I will go on
You're my number one.

Do you remember all the times with me I do.
I can't forget your nearness oh it's true.
I still smell your scent.
Your eyes...they make me understand and realize you're the one
for me although you disguise
What can I say to make you stay 'cos you know I need you now

Whatever they say...

And now my life is like a symphony
Somehow a perfect part of life I want to show
I am by your side only to guide you that's why I need you now.

Whatever they say...

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