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Don’t you know the time ain’t right?
Don’t you know the knot’s untied?
Why can’t I feel the lights burn low?
It’s nothing I could ever know
And if the clocks won’t run
We’ll put legs on the Sun
And quiet only comes once a year
But it’s nothing you’ll have to fear

Can’t you hear the growl of the night?
Feeling that my shoes don’t fit me right
Stepping out into a concert hall
Playing for nobody at all
Think you’d better hand me the keys
Baby you make me so uneasy
It’s always better in the back of the room
And don’t you know that I’ll be out of here soon

And I don’t know much of anything anymore
Only know how to take my fill
My fill of the water I’ve spilled

So tell me when it all runs out
And maybe then I’ll be ready
I think we better not brave the weather
Just so we can lay here together
I’m so tired of being always wrong
I’m so tired of always being where I thought I belonged
So sure my city isn’t always safe
But I know my city isn’t always afraid

Why don’t you ever wanna talk to me
Why don’t you ever wanna give it all away for free
I’ll stop at nothing ‘till I get my share
Cause baby I’m not the only one who cares

And I don’t know much of anything anymore
Only know that I called you home
You were the only one I’d ever known

And maybe it’s not coming in on the next flight
Or shooting up like dynamite
Oh I wish I had a second chance at it all
I’d give myself another chance
And baby I’ve been resting my body on a bed of nails
Smell that fire, and I’ll inhale

And baby I’ve been restin’ my body on a bed of knives
Trying to figure out how to stay alive

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