(p) - so, here we go!
(j) - what? what?
(p) - were doing one
(j) - hows it going? hows it going?
(p) - wait a minute, somethings going, wait a minute!
(j) - yeah! yeah! I cant read this writing!
(p) - what is that tweetin bird out there? for gods sake! theres a bird! God damn it out there!
(j) -hey, hey, hey...yeah....remember the solo, thats the bit were I dont talk....oh, oh, too bad...thank you....
(p) -stand up so we know youre there, alright
(j) -oh, and barry, give me a clue, will you?
(p) - well, I told barry....,
(j) - shut up! you fuckin....., give me a clue.....no, no, no e, e, e, thats a clue
(p) - you havent done it all evening, why change?
(j) - but after all.....
(p) - alright, one of the greatest sessions of all time. history in the making here... john lennon is here with his brother jack
(j) - and here we go
(p) - one, two, three!
(j) - ©ne, two, three, four!
(p) - no! you yelled four, wait a minute
(j) -phil, phil....
(p) -you cant yell four over his playing
(j) -please accept my fourth....its the only way I can come in and i....
(p) - yes, through four....,
(j) - one....
(p) - come on, you dont have to count in, he will do the intro, da-da-da-da-da-da
(j) - no wonder were........
(p) - ha, ha, ha, yeah, ok, ill... I wont bring up names, dont you worry....
(j) - no names
(p) - alright, it doesnt matter...
(j) - ..........is too loud!
(p) - you shout, the boys with the horn amd the birds on the ground, fucking horns and birds and seagulls and all that shit!
(j) -his peace whistle!
(p) -........you know, that sounds like it fades away....yeah, I hear it twice as loud
(j) -phil, phil, its our big chance today and .........and lets not fuck it!....one.....
(p) - well, herbie did....,
(j) -one, one, two, three

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