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Check the Flow

Zager And Evans

* not 100% sure this is the MC's name

We got them, Sledge, (?) ruff heads (check the flow)
King Tee's on the set (check the flow)
When niggaz try to get high-tech (check the flow)
The dialect's on the flex

Watch this, when I shine I bring rain
Clouds, bust storms, yo, this ain't the norm
When I perform, I get you up out your seat
Get down with the real deal skills, then chill
Then show your ass how to get amped, then lamp
Stretch, flex, then tackle what's next
Cause MC's, that luck up, need to hush up
who can't brush up, on their rap style, shut the fuck up
Then duck from the one that gets buck-wild
I chop your ass in half, with a smile
Big grin, all teeth, for those who got beef
Fuckin with me ock, you're six feet deep
Down in the ground, alone with no sound
while I'm up here CHILLIN, top billin
And illin, on all those, who oppose
I wanna take one more shot, strike a pose, uhh!


[King Tee]
Smash, here comes the one that talks trash
to garbage MC's, who try to diss me
and my crew - the ill ville animal cannibal
backbreakers, government amputators
Bounce to this if you think you know the hits
And all you gassed-up critics, put the brakes on the shit
Cause I'm tired of this, and I'm tired of that
Motherfuckers sayin King Tee's shit was wack
But in fact, my rhymes crack backs and make money stacks
by the truckload, now let's go for the gold
So strap on your seatbelt yo and let's go
And get down, to the sound that burns quick
Cause I'm about to burn rubber, on this number
and any MC who claims his style is legit
Suckers wanna try me? (I know not why Tee)
I light that ass up like the 4th of July G, uhh!


[T] Check the flow, check the flow, check the flow yo
[S] Check the flow, check the flow, check the flow yo
[T] Check the flow, check the flow, check the flow yo
[S] Check the flow, check the flow, check the flow

Capital S-L, crooked letter humpback fuck that
thump that, shit that's never wack
Cause this goes out too all the niggaz that we rushin
To hear the shit I'm bustin over ruptured percussion
It ain't my fault that I'm layin niggaz down like asphault
and blow your ass away like chalk, dust
Then crush your monkey-ass unto the side
Cause wrecked dialect is causin lyrical genocide

[King Tee]
I stress facts like IRS wants tax
from anyone claimin that they're livin, kind of fat
You see, I could get sick in the thick of shit
I turn my toes up, when it goes up, my foe's butt
Hey nigga back-steps, even you can get hit
I'm more crankier than a bitch on the shit!
Niggaz get heated cause they just got defeated
by the two man team, the Sledge and the King, uhh!


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