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Hydra 15.000

Zager And Evans

Man and woman carry the blueprints of the very existence
Deep within their chromosomes in the form of a secret code
Deoxyribonucleic acid or dna is the keeper of the code
Everything we are and are not is sitting here
Time will destroy the secret as it does all secrets
Here then lies an answer: Man will transform himself chemically
Into what he has on thousands of years to be
A productive yet peaceful loving creature
Project hydra 15000

Hydra, Hydra
Hydra, Hydra

Hydra 15000, I know you are on your way
And like the men who built you
You will be born of dna
Hydra 15000, I give my life to you
Or kings, premieres and presidents
Will never free me cause they're just men true

Hydra 15000, you will never know
That mankind sacrificed itself
So you could live and grow
Cause hydra 15000, the code will make you free
It will not have this frankenstein
As living here in me
But we cannot live together
It is the only way
Or I know I will kill you someday

Hydra 15000, you may never rule a son
But you will love your brother
Like brothers never have been loved
And hydra 15000, before I go
I'm leaving you this message
It's written in your soul

Hydra, Hydra

Hydra 15000, if you should ever find
That you are not pure and clean
Like I try to make you promise me
Hydra 15000, it's in the dna
Find the evil cancer, and cut it all the way
Then hydra 15000, step down as I have done
And sometime before forever
There may be a perfect one

Hydra, Hydra
Hydra, Hydra

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