Its Over (translation)


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I sacrificed everything for you
You were my everything...
All the mornings we spent together,
All the promises that we made to be with each other forever
That ring on our fourth finger,
I wont ever see that bright smile again
I wonder if you know my hurting heart right now
Im left here alone, looking for you
I think you left, I think you left me, I think you forgot me
and i still can't believe it
it's over
Our love is over
Our memories are over
I cant believe it (over)
Is everything over?

It was too perfect to be forever
It was too sweet to doubt
It was so precious, I had nothing else to say but 'i love you'
You know our love well dont you?
Now all thats left is just puppy love
There are so many things left unsaid in my mind that I wanna say
Where did all our promises go?
I wonder if I should just let you go in order for our happiness
You got too far for us to be close again
It seems like we just met yesterday
I cant believe you left me like this
Its too late now.. (over)

it's over
Our love is over
Our memories are over
I cant believe it (over)
Is everything over?

My tears prevent me from seeing you
Rain falls in my heart, I cant take it
tell me why you doin this to me
What did I do wrong?

uh tell me what i did
Our love really seemed like it will go forever
And after it ended, I still hope
I still look at you like a sunflower
L-O-V-E what you doin' to me?
Its so hard without you
If I meet someone new, please help me to forget you
my lover, is it over?
I step over this long and big world
And when I am born again in a new world, I will find you again
now i know that i gotta move on
i just can't hang around thinking you'll come
it's all in time and i can hold my own
it's now a thing of da past so let it just be

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