Down, Down
Like an airplane
Storm hit with a world of hate
I was holding on
But still falling to the ground
Turn, turn
In the hurricane
Wind hit with the heavy rain
You were calling out
But I never heard a sound

And so I'll …
Go back where we started
I forgot that the heavens are shinning for You
Light up my heart like the new day
I never mind if darkness has to stay
I'll comeback with a little faith

Burn, burn
This consumers flame
Never thought it could suffocate
Because I can't keep up
And the fire's burning out
The world will never be enough with its "know how"
What can I get now
I'm sick of all the lies
They're such a let down
It got my head in clouds
Was lost then I found
Your grace

I wanna get back
I know when I'm not right
I'll never look back
Back on the old life
'Cause I wanna make a comeback
If takes me life time
Will You show me where You're at
And I'll find the way in Your light

The rain is over, the clouds are parting now

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