She told me everything
Her life was broken with the problems that we can't explain
She said, "I tried to let it go, but I can't
You tell me why a loving God allows this pain?"

Depression is the drug that covers
The fears we avoid and hide
If heaven is the home we're fighting for
Then tragedy is on our side
'Cause Sorry won't be enough for her

What could I ever say
For losing everything?
You anchor our Souls with hope in tragedy

He's afraid of everything inside
He wonders if his heart could ever heal his mind
He said, "I haven't slept for years, I've tried
You tell me why a father wouldn't say goodbye?"

So please help me trust my prayers are heard

Though tragedy is tempting me to give up what I know is true
Through suffering, You've rescued me from the space between my heart and You
My strength, my hope is found in tragedy

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Written by: Allen Salmon / Michael Watson. Isn't this right? Let us know.