Wasting away, you fall, you fail, and I know you can't understand it.
Falling down you stay on the ground
You can't pull yourself up anymore
Lost in the dark of duplicity, your loss only brings hate and despair
Latent bitterness burns in your soul
Smoldering, burning from inside to out
From experience I can tell you, when you hate you're just wasting your time
Give your foe too much of yourself, he and destruction, you walk on the line
Love your brother but hate the things he does to himself
Serve one another the way you would have done to yourself
What doesn't kill me just makes me weaker
Logic defines your insistence to me that my faith conflicts with your reason
My faith can illumine what you cannot see
Watch your world crumble and fall around your ears
Denying the spirit your body will fail
Yet the infinite reach of evil tinged logic envelops life with indelible strength

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