Shifting winds scatter the ashes of perception; subjective, experiential shades of gray.
Circumstantial conditions sire contrived reason and rationalized logic;
the fundamentals for manufacturing the relative standard.
Re-conjuring the measure to match the scale,
denying the line that has been drawn between the rock and the sand.
Foundations of fabrication suit the desires of the moment,
forming a convenient framework of comfort and immunity.
This structure crumbles when the sands are swept away.
These are only shadows on a wall; easily manipulated, distorted reflections of the definitive core.
Integrity rests unchanging on absolute objectivism.
The unwaivering standard maintains the precedent by which all is accountable.
Transcendent truth that eclipses all situational comprehension.
The line that divides black from white and defines the design that protects and guides.
It is time to choose a side of the dividing line.

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