Beyond the confines of time, the origin and foundation of formulation.
The formless face encased in all creation.
The embodiment of authentic authority.
Abstract intangibility personified to reconcile the gulf of separation.
Undefiled by the loins of man.
Born free of the dark inheritance inherent in all men.
Crystalline intention, absolute but yet unclear.
The archetype of intended life, a spotless anomaly circumventing all conception and convention.
The fulfillment of visions and the herald of hope.
The culmination of thousands of years of anticipation.
The usher of thousands of years of transubstantiation.

Chided, Threatened, Condemned, Betrayed, Detained, Ridiculed,
Denied, Cursed, Chastised, Defiled, Beaten, Battered, Broken, Crucified, Forsaken.

Selfless Abandon; the seal of Atonement.
The watermark of eternal precedent.

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