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Always On My Mind


I know your feeling down
because she broke your heart
dont think that its the end
you just gotta try and start
ver with someone
somoene whos gonna care
care about the way you feel when no one else is there
but you gotta be patient because love takes sometime
and you always gotta be on gaurd cause true love is so hard tofind
never know who or were how or why when the women youve beenwaiting for
is right before your eyes

and whenever your lonely you can call on me
cause i promist to be there until eternity is the mountains mayfaLL
or the sun refuse to shine ill be with you thorugh it all
and whenever you hold me i get a rush inside
you could tell by my touch that i just cant hide
the way i feel about you just feels so right
baby i will never leave your side

so open up your eyes and llet your mind free
what you been searchin for is all thats got in me
so dont you be afrai
cause i wont let you down
sweet love and honesty in you ive finally found
ill be your fantisy
ill be your dreams at night
dont ever have a doubt cause the feeling o so right
to have you here with me
its like your heaVEN sent
and since you been with me ive
doubted you ever since


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