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Love Ain't Here No More


***Love ain't here no more, not like before,
There ain't no revolving doors,
So take back your ring, I've packed your things
Love ain't here no more***

You tell me that you care, then turn around and leave,
Always running in and out on me
I swear... this will be the
Last time you say goodbye
Last time I'm gonna cry
This is where I draw the line
Won't be your fool again
This is the end


(so so so) So many times you turned away,
Leaving me stranded with tears in my eyes,
Every time I try to keep you out,
You sweet-talk your way back inside
And boy with every new situation (situation)
I grew stronger within, I knew this had to end
So baby,
The times are tough, I've had enough

(with random "Bye baby, bye bye bye, baby's till end)

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