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Under The Influence


People are talkin'
'Bout the way I'm walkin'
Troubled by the change in my stride
Everyone's askin'
´Bout the way I'm actin'
Bothered by the look in my eyes

They can see a difference
In my way of livin'
But they don't know the reason why
I can't wait to tell them what is wrong with me

Love without condition
This is my addiction
It's a need that only God can fill
Once I got to taste it
Nothing could replace it
Now I've let it overtake my will

I admit my weakness
Craving its sweetness
I have given in to its control
Love has got a hold on me and won't let go

I'm under, under the influence
I'm under, under the influence
I'm under the influence of love

Used to feel empty
Now I have plenty
Ever since I drank from the fountain
With the Spirit in me
And the strength It gives me
A little faith can move mountains

Take my life, use me Lord
Shine Your light through me for
All the world to see that I am not my own

repeat chorus

What the world needs is love sweet love
What the world needs is love sweet love

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