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Abusive Mental Anarchy


Witness how your life is
Falling to pieces
Crawling your way to the ground,

Stand up, stand up
You don't have to fight alone
Rise up, rise up
Doing things on your own

Contractions from within
Controlling all your sins
In which you're drowning in
Abusive mental anarchy

Consume your energies
Self-destructive way
Feed those patterns that
Will lead you astray

Wake up, Wake up
You're falling from the top
You're trapped
You're caged
Lost inside the haze
Wake up, wake up
The nightmare never stops
It's always near
Something to fear... to fear!

Live and die
Not the same
Live to die
Is your game
No tomorrow
Live your hell
Still your game
Live it well
You're insane
No tomorrow
Walking headfirst
Like a blind man
Into traffic
Abusive Mental Anarchy

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