Demons Are Forever


Strike down

Demons are forever
With their black hearts
They stand alone
Alone together
In withing the minds
They can't erase the time
No one can change their minds
Time can only tell
If they can only keep the spell

Strike down

Demons are forever
Burning in pleasure
Breeding in fire
With much desire
Well awaits us all
Wings to make 'em tall
Giants they become
Freeding off the soub
If they can only keep
A straight fowaard muthafuckin' spell

Why can't you see that up only belief
Reflects not my reality
They're all need for my pleasure and pain
They can stimulate and tease me
They cannot die, suffer or cry, with no denial
They can see through your misfortune or madness

Demons ... demons are forever
Demons ... demons are forever free

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