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Chapter Chaos Begins


Never above you
Never below you
Always beside you
In this together?
Is this forever?
You're nowhere to be found
The silence is all around
Mute is the sound
Each day is getting worse

Visions of chaos
Foresight Disastrous
Living inferno
Dying minds
Breathing like fire
Burning times
Speculations of a war within
Sad but true
Chapter Chaos Begins

A growing cancer
Mortal behaviour
Sickening torture
Nothing's the same
End of the game
Just endless confrontation
Opposite direction
Brings frustration
Each day is getting worse

We are living a constant fight
We are struggling to keep alive
The passion of creation
Looking through different ways
No matter what, we will stay
As stronger than ever
Our friendship is magic
That's why, that's why
I rather let you go
Than become your foe

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