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Forgive Won't Forget


Anybody There That I Can Talk To?
Anybody That Can Talk Back to You?
Do You Feel the Same - the Way That I Do?
You Are the Only One That Can Help Me Through
I Am a Girl That's Really Got Her Pride
Even Though I'm Dyin' Deep Inside
I'll Stay in Tune - and I Won't Get Upset
But There Are Things in Life That I Can't Forget

I Will Forgive - Won't Forget
And What You've Done I Regret
I've Got to Go On With My Life
Although I'll Pay the Price
But It's So Hard Every Time
There Was a Time You Were Mine
It's Your Life I Respect
Our Love Is Gone - It's a Fact
I Will Forgive - But I Won't Forget

I Used to Play the Girl So Strong
But I Feel So Weak Since the Day You're Gone
I no Longer Want to Sing My Song
Now I Know What It Is to Be Alone
I've Got to Find a New Woman in Me
But It Doesn't Seem to Happen Naturally
I Wish This Whole Mes Wasn't True
'cause the Damn Truth Is
I'm Still in Love With You

Repeat Chorus

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