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Looking For Cool

Australian Crawl

Where did you that posture?
Did it come from modelling school?
Who's your dress designer?
He surely ain't no fool.
Where did you get that figure?
It's really top shelf.
Where did you get that steely glare
and that boated sense of self?

I said hey, in a dimmer light you,
you're such a sad sight (repete)
Cos you've been looking for cool.
You've been looking, you've been looking for cool
You've been looking for the cool.

Your collar it's been turned up
Cemented to your jaw.
You want to party, party, party and pass out
on someone else's floor.
You really need a modern lover
a power pop romence
Somebody who can lead you babe
and dance a crazy dance.


You want to tighten up your trousers
You want to tighten up your act
You're so laid back honey
You're lying flat on your back
You sa you're feeling Monty Clifty
In an even looser mood
Bud you won't get your hands dirty babe,
you're so clean and so shrewd.


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