Photo of the artist Aviators

Apocalype State of Mind


Where can I bury all of my suffering
Casualties of poison and pride
Where is the line between losing everything
And giving it all to say that you've tried

When I dared to dream of something greater
I flew away into the sky
Nothing's going to fill the space between you and I
And I felt the world grow so much colder
As we drifted away over time
Living in the past in our apocalypse state of mind

Where can I find some kind of a remedy
A cure for my pain, a rest for my eyes
Where can I pray, when nothing means anything
In some kind of cage no God could devise

Now can you hear the sounds of a melody
Playing a tune, to soften our hearts
We can move on past all of the memories
The lapses in faith, that time will impart
Take me to places beyond our biosphere
Into the unknown, where we could reside
Find me in winter when all the paths are clear
In cities of ash, we're healing in time

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