When the world burned I faced the task
Of rebuilding what I made
I'd raise the sun again
I'd bring them through the end
And day by day they passed away
Right before my eyes
Six became a team of five
I couldn't help but pass them by

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Honor to glory
And iron to rust
Hate to bloodshed
From rise to fall
If I never have to die
Am I alive at all?

When flames would rise to my allies
I'd feel the pain inside
I was the victor at a cost
With every war a friend was lost
On deaf ears fell my cries of hurt
As the last one drove insane
He turned and went astray
Only my own blood to fade away

The nightmare began when it all ended
My own blood the one I had befriended
Ruled in harmony
The better side of me
But things broke down just when I thought I
Had lost everything I could I
Let her slip away
She turned her back on me

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