Photo of the artist Aviators

Angels Fall The Farthest


From the moment I saw you,
I knew you were different
But how I was I supposed to know
That you were just a monster inside
I made a mistake to doubt
That you would figure me out
And use me for you own intentions
I'm just not just your piece of clay
I won't just bend your way
Take it or leave at your own discretion

I believe
That angels fall the farthest in the end
And you will see
You've hurt more than apologies can mend
You're not the saint that they think you are
You're just a falling star
Burning bright in the darkness
Don't put the blame on me
When your inconsistency
Leaves you all alone and hopeless

Fool me once shame on you,
I'm not letting you strike twice
Learned my lesson last time,
I know now you don't play nice
I let you twist me around
Mentally tie me down
I won't live for the moment like you do
So here's a message sincere
To tell you I'm finished here
I'm leaving you with the lies inside you

Yeah I'm no hero
But I see the villain you are
You never saved me
All you ever gave were scars
If what you don't know never hurts you
Why did your secrets stab me in the heart
If you're the antidote to my happiness
Then that's probably what tore us apart

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